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Our Objectives

Government of Niger State shall maintain various scholarship schemes for the purpose of acieving the following objectives:

  • Provide access to post-secondary education for indigenes and resident of the state
  • Promote and facilitate the pursuit of academic excellence by the recipients in their chosen field study
  • Provide opportunities for recipient to undertake overseas programmes which intend to enrich their intellectual exposure
  • Encourage academic competition and collaboration so as to bring out the best of the beneficiaries
  • Improve the adequacy and quality of the state manpower as a requirement for the attainment of the state vision and mission statement
  • (f) Encourage capable recipients to enter specialized fields/professions of interest that has direct bearing on the developmental needs of the state


The following types of scholarship will be offered by the government:

  • Bursary award: This is in the form of financial assistance extended to the recipient pursuing full time NCE,ND,NID,HND and degree programmes in recognised institutions of Tertiary education in Nigeria. The specific amount for for each academic session will be determine by government and communicated in the letter of award. A continuing student on bursary can apply for a merit scholarship in the subsequent year provided he/she meets the academic performance and other related requirements( terms and conditions) for the scholarship
  • Merit Scholarship: Merit scholarship is granted to talented students who has seven distinctions and above in their SSCE at the point of entry into a degree programme in any recognised institution of higher learning in Nigeria and continue to maintain a (CGPA) OF 4:00 and above from 200level of the relevant degree programme.
  • Merit award in transition: This is granted to a talented student who made 7 distinction and above in SSCE in any recognise Public secondary school and maintain a CGPA 3;50 and above from 100level to the end of the relevant degree programme.
  • This is a performance based sponsorship that is extended to recipients pursuing an Undergraduate programme in recognised public institution of Tertiary education in Nigeria with Cumulative grade point Average (CGPA) OF 4:00 and above from 200 level of the relevant degree programme.
  • A merit scholarship will be automatically transferred to the bursary scheme in the subsequent year whenever his/her academic performance in an academic session fall below the cut off point for the merit scholarship.
  • Bilateral Educational Agreement (BEA) Overseas Programmes
  • The BEA is an international education agreement entered into between Nigeria and a group of countries. The countries include: RUSIA, CHINA, TURKEY, MORROCO, JAPAN, CUBA,TUNISIA, UKRAINE, GRECE, ROMANIA, and CZECH REPUBLIC. Successful candidates under this scheme are given placement in the university of the donor countries responsible for the payment of their tuition fees and welfare. Under this programme, however, recipient are granted dollar dominated assistance by Niger State Government.
  • Governors outstanding Academics Performance Award
  • This is a merit based scholarship granted to talented students who made first class honours degree and are admitted into Masters degree programme in Nigeria or overseas, the course are not available in Nigeria.