Niger State Scholarship board News Update:

Eligiblity of applicants

For recipients to be eligible for any of the various schemes, they must:

(a) Be Nigerlite or residence of the State defined by existing official declaration

(b) Posses a valid full time admission of any recognise public Nigeria or foreign institution of higher learning (an admission letter in languages other than English must be accompanied by the certified true and accurate translations)

(c) Attain and maintain level of performance required by the expectations of the specific scholarship scheme for which he or she is a beneficiary (for this purpose the relevant review shall take place at the end of the academic session)

(d) Complete the prescribe form for the relevant scholarship scheme he or she is expected to be a beneficiary (download he prescribe form, complete and submit to the board or complete online the form on the scholarship board website)

(e) Submission of the completed prescribed form within the time limit set for the purpose and meeting other deadlines as may be required for the timely processing of admission

(f) A written recommendation from a respected member of the community attesting to the good behaviour of the applicant

(g) Formally accept the offer of scholarship or financial assistance including the terms and condition of such offer.
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